TPC Run 17 pp500 SC&GL

Final Run 17 pp510 SC&GL Calibration used in Run17 P20ia reproduction: pdf
Run 17 p 510 SC&GL Calibration Update: pdf

Run 17 pp 510 SC&GL Calibration Summary: pptx pdf

Using the nominal sc histograms found here: /star/u/posik/TPC_Calib/TPC_Dir/Run17_pp500/ReDo/Pass03/hist925/

A linear fit was made to the sc

and the sc histograms from selected fills found here (within respective fill): /star/u/posik/TPC_Calib/TPC_Dir/Run17_pp500/ReDo/Pass03-*/hist925/

Linear fits made with fixed p0 parameter

Results of fits compared to ratio (N+/N-) and fill. Fit/ nominal. values use the nominal fit found in the top plot where p0 and p1 can vary (p0 = -0.0002477, p1 = 6.673e-08).
The fit values used the fits to the fills where p0 was held at a fixed value of -0.01.

Linear fits were made for each fill (p0 and p1 allowed to float)

Plots of the fills , ratios (N+/N-), slopes, and offsets from the above fitted were made

Ratios of the fitted fill slope and offsets to the nominal slope and offsets were also investigated.

Looked also at the ratio as a function of fill

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