Tracking Analysis

  1.  Tracking analysis for 2011-2013 with TPC sector 20 included in the analysis (cuts used are listed here):
    1. Global and Primary hyperbola corrected Q*E/p
    • Global and Primary Q/p 
    • Effect of Q/pT for TPC sectors and statistical effect of TPC sector 20. (Slides).
      • In the W+/W- analysis this Q/pT distribution comes into W id via the Q*ET/pT cut, which currently has a cut window of 0.4 < |Q*ET/pT| < 1.8. This is the cut window used in the comparison of with and without TPC sector 20 in slides 5-9 in the above slide deck. Q*ET/pT Distribution, e+/e- vs TPC Sector (Q*ET/pT)
      • Simply shifting the ET/pT distribution for TPC sector 20 would help, however in the W analysis ET/pT integrated over all TPC sectors, and does not apply such a cut per TPC sector.
      • Bottom line is that I pT would need to be re-calibrated. Since pT is formed from fitting tracks which include multiple TPC sectors we really would need to re-calibrate the TPC sectors to obtain a proper pT.
      • Even with a shift in the E/p distribution cut, we would still be using the "wrong" pT elsewhere where pT dependent cuts are made, since shifting the E/p cut window does not fix the incorrect pT value which is causing the shift in E/p.