HF PWG Meeting Minutes - 2015/07/30

 1) background sources from angular correlations in the D0 invariant mass spectrum - Alexander
This study opens new view of correlation contribution to d0 background. There were discussions of the relationship between the correlation contribution that can be described by the weight in different dPhi dEta bins in this study, and the correlation contribution to invariant mass due to decay and double miss pid studied by Mustafa, Liang and Michael. The correlation effect in this study seems to be large slow changing structures in the invariant mass dimension.
2) NPE in central UU collisions - Katarina
Page 4, it's not clear how mT scaling is done.
Page 10, 11, the difference between embedding and data should be considered when estimating systematic uncertainty.
There is a on-going study of centrality, current all 0-5% (TOF Mult) triggered events are used. Later, maybe cut and / or reweight based on refMult.
pp reference use fit to deal with different binning, need to show more details, especailly how the correlated and uncorrelated errors are treated.
A plot of RAA vs. nBinary for high pT can be a new physics plot.
3) reconstruction efficiency of dimoun events - Rongrong
4) MTD partial tracking and trigger efficiency - Takahito