COVID19 instructions

For a guest coming onsite, the latest COVID-19 instructions at BNL are here:
One has to take "Return-to-Site" training, do a daily pre-entry screening, and wear facial coverings. Details are in the link above.

For the housing, please feel free to choose your own preference. Those links below are only for ideas. If you need help to make a reservation of your selected hotel, please contact  Omega Travel at (866) 450-0493 and tell them that you are a guest of BNL.
The information of onsite housing can be found here:

A hotel list outside BNL is in the link below:

On-site food service:
"Food Trucks Coming On-Site Starting TODAY, Wednesday, 11/18

    The Laboratory will begin an on-site food truck pilot program today, Wednesday, Nov. 18. The Lab's Food Services will schedule and manage the trucks, which will be parked outside Berkner for lunch, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., most Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Today, Bulls I BBQ will offer barbecue and grill items for customers. Please check the Food Services web page for an up-to-date schedule (
    We will rotate among a variety of trucks to bring different cuisines to the Lab each month. The schedule is subject to change and may vary for holiday considerations. Food Services will announce any cancellations as soon as they're known.
    Customers should adhere to social distancing guidelines and wear face coverings while waiting in line, ordering, and picking up food. Please be sure to stay out of traffic lanes. Those driving to the location should park in the adjacent parking lot. Note that the cafeteria is open for a place to sit down to eat.
    The Lab has a new policy in place that all the food trucks must follow to meet safety, health, environmental, insurance, and other requirements. Only food trucks that have been invited and signed an agreement with Food Services will be allowed to operate on-site in the designated location.
    If you have food truck suggestions, questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Food Services Supervisor Kristyn Noren at Ext. 8436 or
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