S&C Meeting, March 5, 2014

HFT Code Peer Reviews

  1. StPxlHitMaker
    • Fills StEvent/StPxlHitCollection from StPxlCluster's
    • Signed off by 2/2 reviewers
  2. StPxlClusterMaker
    • Maker builds StPxlClusters and fills StPxlClusterCollection from StPxlRawHitCollection
    • Signed off by 1/2 reviewers
  3. StIstDbMaker, StIstUtil
    • StIstDbMaker
      • Provides access to IST calibration and survey geometries
      • Ready to sign off
    • StIstUtil
      • Lots of classes: StIstRawHit, StIstCluster, StIstConsts, ..., collections
      • Related issue was raised with StEvent--no external dependencies
      • Dependencies were mainly due to constants required for local coordinate to hardware channel conversion
      • Changes were suggested and Yaping reworked StEvent/StIstHit to be as lightweight as possible
    • Needs more attention and tests
  4. StPxlMonMaker
    • Special case, not intended for wide audience
    • Tried to separate derivative histograms but the authors overwrote my changes :) (not entirely, so may be a problem)
  5. In general, users can already test the code from the development offline/hft area

PXL Geometry

  • Original code in CVS was not working...
  • Reworked active volumes geometry to 400 individual active Sti volumes directly from the ROOT's TGeo
  • Verified the Sti geometry makes sense
  • Confirmed good agreement between the ideal and survey geometries
  • Currently, the chain crashes when run over a simple simulation. It happens at the StPxlHit to StiHit conversion due to unphysical hit coordinates. Not easily reproducible...
  • For inactive volumes will try to use the material average routine from StiToolkit directly on the PXMO volume first. Comments?
  • What would be a good test for the new inactive material?