S&C Meeting, April 30, 2014

HFT Code Readiness

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Current code status

  • Updated instructions how to build HFT libraries available in $CVSROOT/offline/hft/README.md
  • Sample BFC options available in $CVSROOT/offline/hft/runBFC.sh
  • Successfully tested with small data and simulation samples (code compiles and runs but no real QA)
    • Data: PXL + IST (including hits)
    • Simulation: PXL only (including hits)
  • Passed this information to Amilkar and Yaping for further tests

Next steps

  • Add SSD hits. The SSD code needs to be transfered to CVS

HFT Sti Geometry

Changes since last report

  • PXL: Ridges between the layers
  • PXL: PSTM elements
  • IST
  • SST changes from Jonathan. Not in CVS yet

Current Issues

  • Embedded volumes tests
    • Tested various configurations of embedded aluminum in air tubes
    • Avoid
  • Stuck with Sti volumes missing from Sti tracking
    • Dmitri claims: Sti material added in all PXL sectors
    • Gene sees material only in the first PXL sector
  • Ideal vs survey geometries
    • PXL and IST hit reconstruction does not support ideal ROOT/XML geometry
    • Inactive volumes need to be moved together with sensitive layers. But cylinders/tubes cannot be moved

Next steps

  •  Work with Yaping and Jonathan to finalize Phase 1 of IST and SST geometries with sensitive layers