S&C Meeting, May 7, 2014

HFT Code Readiness

  • StPxl.... were moved to official StRoot area
  • Current Integration Status <- Need update
  • Current HFT Integration: Task List
  • Instructions to build HFT libraries available in $CVSROOT/offline/hft/README.md <- Need update
  • Hope to hear from HFT team on status of IST and SST Sti Phase 1 geometries by the end of the week

HFT Sti Geometry

PXL: Investigating issue with Sti volumes missing from Sti tracking

  • The problem:
    • Dmitri claims: Sti material added between the layers in all PXL sectors

    • Gene sees material only in the first PXL sector
  • Debugging:
    • Generate single 5 GeV tracks at 0, 15, 45, 75, 85, 90 degrees and zero rapidity
    • Visualize in event display
    • Observe lots of missing HFT hits. What HFT efficiency is used in simulation?
    • Visualized tracks is a crude approximation of reconstructed tracks
    • "White" hits show up only in IST
    • Some shots to illustrate the above