Bemc status_pp200_Towers with status marked oscillating.


  • Ran the code and obtained the results on the webpage .
  • Alice sent me the code which analyzes the sqlite3 database file l2status2012.sqlite3.
  • The code allowed to look at  the statuses and pedestals from fill to fill and printed out a list of towers which changed their status frequently (Out of the 48 fills in total, it would mark the tower as oscillating if the status changed twice or more).
  • From the pdf files listed on I made a list of all the towers which had their status changing at least once (along with a list of their statuses for all the fills). There were a total of 94 towers in the list.
  • For 10 out of 94 of those towers, which had the most drastic status fluctuations I went back to the pdf's to see if their behaviour is actually fluctuating or if they are actually consistently good/bad and sometimes being assigned a bad status.
  • Attached is the excel sheet which illustrates this with the conclusions.