Bemc status_pp200_Hard coded towers


  • Spot checked the output pdf files at for 6 evenly spaced fills 16433,16450,16463,16484,16505 and 16523.
  • Looked for towers with weird statuses (broad/moving pedestals, pedestals with sudden drop offs, broad pedestals with sudden drop offs, stuck bits), specially the ones which were not caught by the code
  • Cross checked these towers with the list of towers with oscillating statuses produced by, given to me by Alice.
  • Also cross checked these with those pdfs where the status was marked oscillating, to see if the code flags them correctly. The towers which should be hard coded are 671 (as 136), 1221 (as 18), 3289 (as 2).
  • Made a list of the towers which should be thought of being hard coded (after consulting with Renee and Alice).
  • Hard coded the towers and ran the code again to obtain the tables.

   Towers which are marked good in all the fills but look weird in at least 5 of the 6 pdfs checked:

  1. Broad/Moving Pedestal: 280,594,629,647.
  2. Moving Pedestal with a sudden drop off: 160,875,2305,2409,3668,4006.
  3. Sudden drop off: 282,410
  4. Stuck bits: 2415,4059 (they look like stuck bits in all the fills even though marked good in some of them).

   Attached pdf is an illustration of how the pedestals look like. All the graphs are taken from Fill 16523 except that of tower 2415 for which its taken from Fill 16433.