Bemc status_CuAu200_Hard coded towers

    For the CuAu 200 data, I basically followed a similar procedure as for the pp 200. The steps are noted below :

  • Ran the code and obtained the results on the webpage .
  • Alice had sent me the code which analyzes the sqlite3 database file l2status2012.sqlite3.
  • The code allowed to look at  the statuses and pedestals from fill to fill and printed out a list of towers which changed their status frequently (Out of the total number of fills, it would mark the tower as oscillating if the status changed twice or more).
  • From the pdf files listed on I made a list of all the towers which had their status changing at least once (along with a list of their statuses for all the fills). There were a total of 144 towers (68 of them with status marked having 'identical channels' for some of the fills) in the list.
  • For 15 out of 76 of those towers, which had the most drastic status fluctuations I went back to the pdf's to see if their behaviour is actually fluctuating or if they are actually consistently good/bad and sometimes being assigned a bad status.
  • I repeated the same process for the 68 towers which had an 'identical channel' status too, at least once.
  • Spot checked the output pdf files at for 8 evenly spaced fills 16889,16902,16917,16933,16957,16972,16988 and 17000.
  • Looked for towers with weird statuses (moving pedestals, pedestals with sudden drop offs, stuck bits), specially the ones which were not caught by the code
  • Cross checked these towers with the list of towers with oscillating statuses produced by, given to me by Alice.
  • Also cross checked these with those pdfs where the status was marked oscillating, to see if the code flags them correctly. The towers which should be hard coded are 671 (as 136), 1957 (as 136), 4059 (as 136) and 4319 (as 18).
  • Made a list of the towers which should be thought of being hard coded (after consulting with Renee and Alice).
  • Hard coded the towers and ran the code again to obtain the tables.                                                                                                                         

      Towers which are marked good in all the fills but look weird in at least 6 of the 8 pdfs checked:

  1. Moving Pedestal: 1713
  2. Sudden drop off: 160,4223.
  3. Stuck bits: 1612,2415.

      Attached is a pdf which illustrates how the pedestals look like for the above 9 towers which have been hard coded.