Barrel Noise Study - New Pedestal Plots

Barrel Noise Study - More plots 

More info about the runs:

15268051 - pedasphys, local clock (RCC2)

15268052 - pedasphys, rhic clock, yellow (w/ high jitter due to C-AD issue, 
later resolved)

15268056 - pedasphys, rhic clock, blue (special setup for this test)

Tonko made the new pedestal files (attached below as BTOW_pedestals_*.txt) for Runs 15268051, 15268052 and 15268056, and the following comparison histograms were plotted using those:

1) Pedestal_51 - Pedestal_52

2) Pedestal_51 - Pedestal_56

3) Pedestal_52 - Pedestal_56

4) RMS_51 - RMS_52

5) RMS_51 - RMS_56

6) RMS_52 - RMS_56

Each of the pedestals were also compared to the online pedestals (attached below as bemcStatus_20140923.162738.txt) , and the differences plotted as:

7) Pedestal_Online - Pedestal_51

8) Pedestal_Online - Pedestal_52

9) Pedestal_Online - Pedestal_56

Difference versus Crate/Channel (Graphs):

Each of the above 'difference' was also plotted versus the crate and channel, and all the (18) graphs are attached below.