Deciding on Rt cut - Jet Meeting

During the Jet meeting, Carl pointed out and wanted to see what percentage of events have an Rt of 1. So to make that more clear, I've made and attached the following plots:

a) Rt plots for the leading jet, for JP1 and JP2, for the runs 13097021, 13097029, and 13097039. These were the runs picked out with high, medium, and low bbc rates (named in the plots as 1, 2 and 3 respectively). All the other cuts, except the deltaphi cut are applied here.

b) A plot with leading jet Rt for all three runs (for JP1 and JP2) on one single canvas.

Black - 13097021 - high
Red - 13097029 - medium
Green - 13097039 - low

c) 2D plot of leading jet Rt versus the non-leading jet Rt, for all three runs (JP1 and JP2)

Run1 - 13097021 - high
Run2 - 13097029 - medium
Run3- 13097039 - low

d) Scaled and unscaled versions of plot b with the Rt after the deltaphi cut (blue) included.

e) Plot c after including the deltaphi cut