Different Trigger Classifications

Red - Simulation, Blue - Data

Plots attached :

Simple Triggers (algorithm explained on slide 1 of Triggers.pdf)
Plots_WithRatio_Part1 (Event parameters)
Plots_WithRatio_Part2 (Leading Jet Parameters)
Plots_WithRatio_Part3 (Away-side Jet Parameters)

Existing Triggers -V1 (algorithm explained on slide 2 of Triggers.pdf)
Plots_V1_Part1 (Event parameters)
Plots_V1_Part2 (Leading Jet Parameters)
Plots_V1_Part3 (Away-side Jet Parameters)

Modified Triggers -V2 (algorithm explained on slide 3 of Triggers.pdf)
Plots_TrigV2_Part1 (Event parameters)
Plots_TrigV2_Part2 (Leading Jet Parameters)
Plots_TrigV2_Part3 (Away-side Jet Parameters)