Beam positions and PXL

 Since this initial posting CA-D has moved the beams (I enclosed Bill msg to star-ops below
and a more detailled analysis of two runs before and after.

The final analysis as well as initial criteria for moving the beam can be found in this presentation

--msg from Bill to star-ops
    As we requested, C-AD has moved the position of the beam at STAR.
They are looking for feedback from us how well they did in meeting our
request. Our request was to move the beams vertically up by 2 mm.
Looking at L4 plots for the vertext mean y before and after the change,
it looks to me like they moved the beams up by about 2.5 mm. The errors
on this change are likely on the order of 0.5 mm from the plots I can
see so far.
    For the x position change, it looks to me like they have moved the
beams by about -2.0 mm, in the HLT coordinate system. Our request was
that they move the beams by 2.8 mm to the North. I'm a bit confused
looking at the slides from the HLT group as far as what the right
coordinate system is, but I believe the horizontal move is in the
correct direction.
    I'll thank C-AD for their efforts,  and that the preliminary
feedback is  that we see the beams have moved, and that it looks like a
bit more than we requested vertically (+2.8 vs +2.0), and a bit less
than we requested horizontally (-0.2 vs -0.28), but that we need some
offline analysis to be more precise.