FST purple cable length

I realized and mentined a number of times that the cable route from FST to PPB will have different length

I  requested the following from Felix and Rahul

Would it be possible for you to pull out the length of the cables so we  can see what range
is needed for the final production cables. It comes down to how much  slacks can be allowed
for final installation an it would be good just to have a few different  cable lengths.

Felix replied to me on Feb 25 and have all the relevant info in the attached figure.

The information was read and summarized in the plot below. Units are inches. I think we can get away maybe with 3 different lengths
like 58, 68 and 74. Then one would have to have slack between 1 inch and 7 for each group.

update 3/1  Felix includes ~2inches of slack for the lengths

April 14:

I measured the weight of the 8' cables that Mike has made.
It weighs 380 g. The mean length of cables are 60" so scaled weight is ~ 380*61/96 ~ 240g
A dummy module w/o si sensors is 180g