June 4 council meeting

 There will be a council meeting on June 5 during the STAR collaboration meeting. I will use this blog to post material that is relevant for the discussion. There likely be a couple of requests to join the collaboration.

The updated agenda is attached below

agenda attached

documents from the previous council meeting is available at

A number of people/institutions has applied to become full members of STAR.
This includes Yi Yang from NCKU, Taiwan has applied to become associated with the BNL group at STAR already at the previous council meeting, but
the discussion very much in part to the Taiwan - China issues raised by the STAR chinese collaborators have dragged this out very much.

I also add the e-mail forwarded by Huan Huang (from Zhangbu)- see below

There is a request that a number of now retired star collaborators be granted emiritus status
This includes:
- George Igo, UCLA
- Howard Wieman, Hans Georg Ritter, and Howard Matis LBNL.
- Apperently also Koetke has proposed: Hal Spinka and Doug Underwood since its on the agenda

There has been considerebale discussion in star mgt about the criteria for emiritus status, but it is not clarified in the bylaws.
This will certainly be discussed in the council. The intend was always for retired and active collaborators, not for all retired.

Zhangbu had send the following to the council

Dear Huan: 


We had a discussion of the emeritus status for STAR Collaborators during our 
management meeting. 


For the management team to be able to implement the list and distribute the 
shifts properly, we suggest that: 

1)      add this in the bylaws on collaboration membership

2)      We suggest to put a term of the emeritus status and review every 
two years  

3)      The emeritus status should grant to those who plan to actively 
involve in STAR after the first two-year grace period




For the management team

Dear Huan and council members: 


STAR management team has considered the application of institution membership with 
council seat by Prof. Jingbo Zhang and Harbin Institute of Technology. 

The application form 


and supplemental material 



Prof. Jingbo Zhang has been a member of STAR collaboration since 2010 in affiliation 
with CCNU/China. Their students have been working in STAR but affiliated with other 
institutes. With addition of a young faculty, the institute is bringing new efforts to STAR. 

It is also in STAR’s best interest to facilitate the contributions from young faculty and 

help them succeed in their pursue of scientific excellence.    


We support their application for a full membership in STAR. 




Zhangbu Xu"

-- Leigh

Dear Huan: 

(cc Rosi and Helen) 


I am pleased to inform you that STAR management team 
has considered the application by Prof. Rosi Reed from Lehigh University 
for an institution membership in STAR collaboration. 



Rosi has been an active STAR member as a student and postdoc for many years. 

We congratulate her for her new position at Lehigh University, and 
believe that she and her new institution will be a great addition to 
our collaboration. It is also in STAR’s best interest to facilitate 
the contributions from young faculty and help them succeed in 
their pursue of scientific excellence.    


We support her application for full membership in STAR. 

she will be in the process of hiring a postdoc once she arrives at Lehigh. 

the qualification requirement of two PHDs is therefore fulfilled. 

Please clarify if this is agreeable by council. 

In the event that full membership requires the actual postdoc be hired, 
Yale University will be happy to host her for the council representative, 
and Lehigh will be a collaboration institution without council seat until 
the postdoc position is filled.