New Gating Grid Driver issues

It was decided to go back to old GG driver

Summary and plots of some early cosmics data

Summary in e-mail on 1/29/2021
mostly it is seen for tb 36-40 in the inner sector, and 20-23 in the inner. But there are some that are very different e.g sector 2 has noise in tb 50-60 (3 peaks)
sector 4 near 50 and 60
sector 12 at 40 but also at 60
sector 17 somewhat similar.

Had all the noise from the driver been consistent over all inner sectorI think we could have gone on with some simple masking which is the first ~4-5 time bins of the inner sector but as some really deviate a lot I would also lean towards going back to the old GG for run21- with the condition that this get investigated well ahead of run-22 where the higher rates are really useful.

Last thought is the observation that in general, but not for all sectors the outer sector response
is mostly good with only some noise around ch 22 , and only rarely big enough to give rise to cluster.

Concluding we like to ggo back to old GG
-- should revisit new GG much ahead of run, and run with full system even without GAS to see
noise response and fix issues.

Sector 1  Inner charge vs. timebin
Gating pulses at tb ~52,52,60,65  and neg at the start of 40

Sector 7
No pulses at all - or minimal (inner) at ~40

Sector 6 inner
pulses at 36-40 (opening, but then again at 65

Sector 7 TPX
has afterpulses at closing

sector 3 overall
outer sector is just garbage
- GG cable disconnect - HV? likely not electronics