STAR council meeting at OSU meeting

minutes from previous meeting

The minutes from the last council meeting (28 January 2016) at BNL are posted here:

The draft meeting agenda 

There will be an election of a new council chair

 Please note that the Council meeting will be on Thursday, Aug 18, evening
during the collaboration meeting at OSU. One of the important council
business at the meeting will be the Council Chair election. Please plan to
attend the Council meeting in person if possible. The Council Chair can be
elected with the majority of the votes by the Council members who are
present at the meeting. Your attendance of the Council meeting is very
important for STAR.
 The nomination/election committee chaired by Prof. Mike Cherney will
conduct the election. 

There are two candidates after the search of the commitee
from previous e-mail:

Five individuals were nominated for the Chair of the STAR Council. Two of these have accepted the nomination. Our candidates are Olga Evdokimov and Scott Wissink.
Thanks to all of you who made nominations, to those who considered accepting the nomination, and particularly Scott and Olga for their willingness to stand for election.
Respectfully submitted by
The Nominating Committee
Mike Cherney
Lanny Ray
Fuqiang Wang
Bedanga Mohanty

The statement from the two candidates are now available and attached

Application for membership

STAR has received two application for membership:
From Tsukuba and University California, Riverside.
The info from the applicatants are attached.