TPC activities for run 21

 At TPC meeting  (9/16) the misc activities needed for run21 was discussed
Page will be updated with progress.

FV with input from TPC meeting latest update 10/1/2020


TPC related repairs/ improvements


Update ONL plots (Flemming)

-       Replace event with cluster 2D

-       Relabel 12-24 ->13-24  (ONL plots remove FMS plots/critical)


Improve instructions (written) for laser operation 

-       Review text; add pictures; the DO manual has very little on this!

-       Action: Prasanth will revise the document


Include QA analysis of TPC into some standard analysis (FV)

It uses ADC files (~1,000) events

Generates sets of histograms that needs analysis.


Number/labelling of RDO’s

This causes confusion for shift crew/ QA crew.

Small updates to page 11, 12 can solved the TPC Detector  Operator  ops document (Prashanth)

Suggest that the fast offline labelling gets change to iTPC1-4 and TPX3-6 (contact David)

Change color for itpc, tpx HV GUI – so make easier to find proper RDO

Can size of txt for this be increased ?



Install ‘new’ gating grid drivers; the issues have been resolved

-review with Tim, Tonko this is ready to be done

Pig tails needed.
--> Work in progress. Tim reports at GG drivers modified. 




RDO, FEE , TCD cableling , repairs (Tonko, Bob)


Water leaks near 13,14 (ruled out by AL)?  Metal dust? This was an issue of power cables. See Tonko's log


Laser repairs, change optics, alignment, resurrect rafts, clean mirrors, central membrane. (Alexei)


Gas system recovery (Alexei)