Jan 10

Finished configuration of ist-ops2 for use in the Control Room (mostly physical move, creation of IST-specific user accounts (plus SKM) and OCS inventory).

Looked into possible evp disk problem - over past couple of days, have gotten a couple of reports from its RAID controller of "Drive timeout detected: port 6", but upon inspection, that drive is alive and passes its own (short) self-test, and the RAID array it is in is not in a degraded state, so not sure what to make of that.  There are several errors in the drive's self-log, but they appear to be from about 9 months ago (a small number of disk errors is not terribly uncommon, especially in heavily used drives and doesn't necessarily imply impending doom).  (Also, times in drive logs are given in "powered-on hours", not calendar dates, are not easy to decipher, and some "turn over" quite often, so can't always be sure about the timing, but making my best interpretation here.)  As I write this, I am leaving a long self-test of the drive running.

investigated Windows 7 viability for emcsc replacement.  Surprisingly good news, it seems:

according to http://www.ni.com/white-paper/8387/en/ , the most recent version of LabView should be able to open VIs from version 6.1
and the ports from the RS-232/485 card, though 10-15 years old, were able to be recognized in a Windows 7 machine after downloading drivers from National Instruments.
reviewed with Mike the status of XP at the experiment and updated Drupal page

reviewed with Mike some cfengine policy questions/problems, most notably ordo and ganglia installations (ordo can fail, conflict with pre-existing ordo installation / ganglia installation can fail (not as clear why though)) and SL repository details (still somewhat unclear how best to proceed)

Prepped some long cables for videopc to move to a private network. According to Alexei, Andrei Brandin still hopes he can make the existing video system work with Windows 7.  Andrei will be here for the collaboration meeting in February.  Moving to a small private network is still the fallback if that doesn't work.  But in order for Andrei to have a go at it, we will have to provide him with a machine with which to work to work.

Minor shopping for spent toner cartridge and label maker cartridge