sensord notes

Skeleton outline of sensord setup on RHEL/ScLin 7:

on the web server:

add a directory in /var/www/html/sensord for the rrd file and the graph images

update /var/www/html/sensord/index.html

add the appropriate .cgi file based on the sample or an existing host into /var/www/cgi-bin/sensord/

On the machine being monitored:

install lm_sensors and lm_sensors-sensord

run sensors-detect (usually with --auto is fine)

edit /etc/sysconfig/sensord, particularly RRD_INTERVAL and RRD_LOGFILE

edit /usr/lib/systemd/system/sensord.service, particularly adding "-a -t $RRD_INTERVAL -r $RRD_LOGFILE" to the ExecStart command (which these options are used by default is a mystery to me)

Run 'systemctl daemon-reload', 'systemctl enable sensord', and 'systemctl start sensord'