Data-MC Comparison of ADC Distributions for BSMD Absolute Calibration

Description of the attached pdf is as follows.  Blue is MC and red is data.  The MC has been normalized to have the same overall integral (over all eta and momentum bins) as the data.  The three histograms are the momentum bins 2<p<4, 4<p<5, 5<p<6.

Page 1: BSMDE cluster ADC sum

Page 2: BSMDE cluster max strip ADC

Page 3: BSMDP cluster ADC sum

Page 4: BSMDP cluster max strip ADC

Note the increasingly different shapes as momentum increases, probably due to increasing pion contamination.  This is especially obvious in the phi plane because of the earlier onset of saturation, which is barely visible in the data but very prominent in the simulation.