FGT Online Monitoring

I've been working on creating a set of monitoring tools for the FGT, intended to replicate what has been done for BSMD pedestals.  Currently, for every APV the software generates a two-dimensional plot of ADC vs. channel, a plot of MPV vs. channel, and a plot of RMS vs. channel.

Today's changes: in addition to correcting a couple of bugs and clearing up the labeling, the code now looks at only one of the seven timebins at a time, which allows it to process events at ~100 Hz.  Additionally, there are now 5 APVs on each page, so each page shows half of an assembly.  The first page of each group of three pages shows the 2-dimensional plot of ADC vs. channel number from 1-128 for each APV, as well as the projected ADC spectrum for that APV.  The second page shows the MPV of each channel's ADC distribution, and the third shows the RMS.  The pages in which all the histograms are empty presumably belong to quadrants that don't exist right now: once I confirm that's the case, I'll mask them out so they won't show up at all.

Attached to this page are examples for two different timebins, 2 and 4.  Both come from the file st_physics_12348038_raw_1010001.daq.

Update 1/12/12: I used the code to process two additional files containing cosmic data, FGT008_FGT018_FGT007_PEDS_400001_2011_10_06_15_52_27.sfs and FGT008_FGT018_FGT007_400011_2011_10_06_04_00_53.sfs.  They are also attached below.

Fig 1  Example of APV response for cosmic stand data: pedestal run (left),  triggered (right)



Fig 2



Fig 3