FHC cosmic ray test status 2

    With the same setup, I just use the cross CTB trigger cut to see whether there's some construction damage to the group from column 4 to column 6 of the modules of the FHC.

    Fig1, for the first column of the group under CTB 0 and 3 trigger cut.

    Fig2, for the first column of the group under CTB 1 and 2 trigger cut.

    The other 2 columns also look fine with these two cuts.

      We collect 6 groups of data and get the following gain curve.

    Fig3, ADC MPV value VS DAC input value.

    And we use logrithm values for both ADC MPV value and DAC input and fit with a linear function.

    Fig4, log value of ADC MPV VS log value of DAC input.

    With this linear fit, we try to estimate the prossible DAC input for the other groups under the hypothesis that the cells have similar gain curve. Then tune the DAC input to get real value.