run9 inclusive jet cross section unfolding to particle level jet

After corrected the prescales for JP1 trigger, I reproduce the inclusive jet pT spectrum from run9 200GeV p+p data.
Fig1, inclusive jet pT distribution with the JP1 trigger (left) and with the L2JetHigh trigger (right) from data.

Then with the updated RooUnfold package (Thank Brain for his help), I unfold the detector level jet to the particle level jet with the SVD method.
Fig2, unfolded inclusive jet cross section with the JP1 trigger (top blue open points) and the L2JetHigh trigger (top red solid points), ratio of the yields with the JP1 trigger over the yields with the L2JetHigh trigger is shown in the bottom panel.

The unfolded JP1 jet cross section is consistent with the unfolded L2JetHigh jet cross section except the first three pT bins. This may come from the trigger biases, efficiency and etc.