HF PWG Meeting Minutes by Zhenyu - 2014/05/29

Two items were discussed briefly today. One was about the 
RCF disk space for the HF PWG. We discussed whether or 
not we should try to have common picoDST trees for Run14 
analyses and put them on the HF PWG RCF disk. The other 
item was on the publication plans for QM preliminary results. 
We will continue the discussions next week. In particular, we 
would like to discuss how to best use the HF PWG RCF disk 
space and the publication plans from the following PAs:
Mustafa/Wei - NPE Au+Au 39 and 62 GeV
David/Pavol - D0/D* p+p 500GeV MB+HT run11
Mustafa/Hao/Xin - D0/D* p+p 200GeV MB+HT run12
Zhenyu/Yifei - D0 U+U 193GeV MB run12
Mustafa/Olga/Wei - NPE Au+Au 62 and 39 GeV
Olga - NPE p+p 200GeV MB+HT run09 and d+Au 200GeV run08
Xiaozhi/Mustafa/Zhenyu - NPE p+p 200GeV run12
Jay - NPE-h correlation Au+Au 200GeV run10
Ota - J/psi U+U 193GeV MB run12
Guannan/Zebo - Jpsi U+U 193GeV HT run12
Qian/Zebo - J/psi and psi(2s) p+p 500GeV HT run11
Robert - Upsilon U+U 193GeV HT run12
For the other analyses like 
Barbara - J/psi polarization p+p 500GeV HT run11
Kunsu - NPE Au+Au 200GeV MB run10
I think studies are still needed to resolve remaining issues.
But if you have updates already, we can discuss them as well.