HF PWG Meeting Minutes by Zhenyu - 2014/11/20

1. NPE in most central U+U collisions - Katarina
Katarina showed NPE invariant yields corrected by photonic background and efficiencies (from Au+Au 200 GeV) for the central-1 and central-5 triggers. The results suggest that the central-1 trigger sample does not have enough statistics to make a meaningful measurement, the same for the central-5 trigger sample at high pT (>6 GeV/c). It was suggested and agreed to start with the central-5 embedding sample production but with smaller maximum pT range. The embedding requests were submitted to the embedding list.

2. B->J/psi with HFT and MTD in MC simulations - Bingchu
Bingchu showed MC simulations studies for B->J/psi measurements with the HFT in di-electron and di-muon channels. In both channels, B->J/psi can be separated from prompt J/psi by reconstructing the pseudo proper lifetime of J/psi. The studies also suggest that the dimuon and di-electron channels are complementary to each other in terms of J/psi pT coverage. Finally B->J/psi R_AA are projected for 25 pb-1 p+p and 2.5 nb-1 Au+Au data set and show a good precision. It was discussed entensively the data taking strategy in Run15 and Run16, and it was agreed that we should aim for maximum luminosity with HFT with HT and di-muon triggers.