HF PWG Meeting Minutes by Zhenyu - 2015/01/15

1) J/psi in pp 500 GeV Run13 MTD - Rongrong
Rongrong presented J/psi in dimuon channel in p+p 500 GeV Run13. Basic data QA and dimuon invariant mass plots are presented. Clear J/psi signals are seen, no Upsilon. Potentially the first physics results from MTD.

Action items (other than those listed on the conclusion slide): 
1. understand the distribution of Delta Z between track extrapolated positions and actual MTD hits
2. understand the seconard peak at M~3.35 GeV (could just be fluctuation?)

2) J/psi and psi(2s) in pp 500 GeV Run11 - Qian
Qian presented updates on J/psi and psi(2s) in pp 500 GeV Run11 data. Qian compared MC and data adc0 distributions and found some small difference, which could partially come from pT distribution difference between data and embedding. Residual background contribution is obtained from fit to data and full convariance matrix of the fit parameters are used to calculate the uncertainty. Also varied certain fit range and cuts to estimate systematic uncertainties for background contribution. Effects of J/psi polarization on acceptance are also estimated, with uncertainties. Find more J/psi signals with higher multiplicies. Physics conclusions unclear. 

Action items:
1. follow up with Zhenyu to convince him the comparison in adc0 without looking at DSMADC is sufficient.
2. determine BBCMB
 trigger bias