HF PWG Meeting Minutes by Zhenyu - 2017/2/16

1) D0-h in Run11 p+p - Long Ma
slide 2: 5-8 GeV/c, disagreement between data and Pythia, near-side large fluctuation in data 

slide 3: Long gets trigger efficiency obtained from ratio between MB and HT1 Pion spectra. difference to David's study: David convoluted pi efficiency in MC toy to estimate D* efficiency, while Long factorize single pion trigger efficiency and D* efficiency. By doing so, Long assumes the two are uncorrelated. Long will add a systematic uncertainty for such bias
slide 4: make the same comparison but for triggered hadrons to see the abovementioned effect (systematic uncertainty) on h-h
slide 12: h-h in data are for pi-h with pi triggered by HT and identified by dEdx. What is purity of pion in data? How large difference among pi-h and k-h and p-h in Pythia?
slide 13: add pythia h-h bands

Lc in Run16 Au+Au - Sooraj

slide 2:   650M->2B
slide 10: TPC tracks only
slide 12: prepare Run16 embedding request, conveners will follow up with the PAC on the test Run14 data production with StiCA