Gain curves from 01/26 LED data

Following are the gain curves from LED runs that we took on Jan.26th.

Conditions: Magnet Full Field Polarity B, DX Current = 145 A (injection)
LED ADC =255 3Hz.  FMStest_cl setup Th1~40-75 for both large/small cells
About 1000 events in each run.

One of the things I did when plotting ADC spectrum is that I made a cut on sumADC of one of the four nstb modules( as can be seen on the event display). By doing so,hopefully I can get rid of the lower peaks for most of the cells

                                   figure 1.  (run12016005 sumADCcut: nstb2>500k)


The curves are fiited to MeanADC=exp(a*(HV^2)+b*(HV)+c) accroding to Jingguo's parameterization.