run-by-run led variation

I have been trying to estimate the LED intensity variation on a run by run basis. The basic idea is to divide cells into different groups in which they are connected to a single LED pulser.

Data: all of the runs (8) on day85, 9 runs on day80,

1 .average LED adc over the run v.s. run#

2. group of cells fed by same pulser

LED map:

LED ch1, 19 cells:


LED ch2, 17 cells:


the green points in the last frame are calculated by sum( adc(i)/adc(1))/Ncells, where adc(i) is the mean adc of run i, then the ratio was summed over all the cells in this group. Ncell is number of cells in the group.

Only 2 groups for comparison are available up to now since I can't find the actual text file that Jingguo used to generate the map.

On the other hand, analysis on a day-by-day basis is also necessary to look at even slower variations, if there is no strong correlation within the group.