Request a new offline DB table for FMS reconstruction parameters

This is to request adding a new offline DB table to store 80 parameters related to FMS reconstrctions.
The layout of this table is very simple:

struct fmsRec {

       float recPar[80];  /* 80 reconstruction parameters, will be parsed by StFmsConstant*/

The table stores 80 parameters and will be interpreted offline by StFmsConstant which is part
of the StFmsPointMaker class currently under review. For now the plan is to add this table to
Calibration/fms/ domain as "fmsRec". Typically there will be only one entry stored in this table
per Run but we do not exclude the possibilities of having multiple entries ( < 10 ) for different
time period, beam energies and/or species

The above idl file can be found at /star/u/yuxip/FMS/myreviewFmsPointMaker/StDb/idl/fmsRec.idl
It's going to be stored as non-indexed table. The size of the table is 32*80 = 2560bit = 320 byte (assume
1-entry per Run).

We have already modified our StFmsDbMaker and added interface to this table. we also have macros ready
to populate the table.

Oleg Eyser (oleg) and Yuxi Pan (yuxip) will be maintaining all fms-related tables including the fmsRec