StFpsRawHitMaker code review request

StFpsRawHitMaker is developed by Akio for accessing FMS Pre-shower raw data in daq files. It re-uses the existing StFmsHit model for
FPS hit definition and FPS hits will be added to StFmsCollection branch under StEvent. This maker is inherited from StRTSBaseMaker from which it uses the base class functions to read daq files. It relies on an updated version of StFmsDbMaker which has been reviewed in the past and will be updated once both StFmsPointMaker and the current StFpsRawHitMaker passed the code review.

The most recent version of StFpsRawHitMaker and data for testing can be found at,


It contains StBFChain, StFmsDbMaker and StFpsRawHitMaker. BigFullChain.h in StBFChain has been modified to include fps chains 'fpsDat'. StFmsDbMaker contains methods for accessing FPS DB tables but this part does not need peer review. The main component
is StFpdRawHitMaker.

To run the test macro runBfc.C first compiles under stardev. runBfc.C will then call StFpsRawHitMaker which in turn reads and prints out
FPS hit informations as follows,

FPS: xing=  10 QT05 ch24 Slaiid=163 Q3L2S17 ADC=  62 TDC= 0
FPS: xing=  10 QT05 ch25 Slaiid=164 Q3L2S18 ADC=  76 TDC= 0
FPS: xing=  10 QT05 ch26 Slaiid=165 Q3L2S19 ADC=  64 TDC= 0
FPS: xing=  10 QT05 ch27 Slaiid=166 Q3L2S20 ADC=  67 TDC= 0
FPS: xing=  10 QT05 ch28 Slaiid=167 Q3L2S21 ADC=  77 TDC= 0

The macro also genereates event.root, MuDst.root files for downstream processing.

The code structure is simple and straighfoward but this is a critical component we hope can be in the common
repository as soon as possible.