HF minutes - 2017/10/26

1) Systematic uncertainties study for Run 12 J/psi polarization - Siwei Luo
Slide 3, there are question why the sigma strongly dependent on the input values for \lamdab_theta, but not the case for the other parameters. Siwei will check 1) double check if plots are correct; 2) check with toy MC for explanation.

Slide 13, the current results cover pt range of 0-14 GeV/c. The preliminary result cover pt of 2-8 GeV/c. Two data points are newly added, the 0-2 GeV/c data point is from minbias data. The analysis details for these two data points were not presented in PWG and will be presented in future.

There are question if the uncertainty of the 2-D efficiency included in the likelihood calculation or not. The answer is no, but the contribution should be rather small since the data has much larger uncertainty than efficiency.

PAs will make a paper proposal next week

2) Systematic uncertainties study for Run 14 MTD J/psi - Rongrong Ma
A comprehensive study of the systematic uncertainties is presented.