Sampled x Plots For Inclusive Jets at 500 GeV

For preparing RHIC spin white paper, I try to plot the sampled x distributions by parton jets within the various detector jet pt bins. The first plot is for all the reconstructed parton jets in the simulation. The second plot is for the reconstructed parton jets that are matched to detector jets. The attached pdf shows the results pt bin by pt bin. Some points I want to make regarding to the plots I made.

1. The binning on x is at equal log10(x). From x=10-3 to 1, I used 50 bins.
2. For matching between parton jets and detector jets I used the same matching criteria as my inclusive jet analysis, but here I didn't conside which trigger the detector jets fired but only require the detector jets firing one of JP0, JP1, and JP2. Therefore I didn't include the prescale factors.
3. I only used one part of all the statistics available (Jim's run11 embedding sample). But I do have a larger sample to work with.
4. After scanning through x1 and x2 values from pythia and line 5 and 6 (scatterring parton after initial radiation) from pythia record, we conclude that line 5 is associated with x1 and line 6 is associated with line x2. So I can do flavor selections for x1 and x2, in case people want to see the sampled xg plots instead of x.

Here I'd like to give you a general idea of the sampled x distributions for 500 GeV data. We can discuss how you would like to plot sampled x distributions, i.e. how much statistics to use, yields vs. x or yield vs. xg, which parton jet pt bins to be shown, etc. And I can also make the plot look nicer as people wanted.