Updating triggerDefinition and triggerThreshold tables in Calibrations/trg Database

To allow users to use offline database option for the trigger simulator (StRoot/StTriggerUtilities), I updated two tables in Calibrations/trg database. This offline feature is important because it can be a subsititue for online database option especially when online option is broken for example the use of trigger simulator at remote sites like PDSF.

I filled these two tables on a run-by-run basis, the time-stamp (beginTime) of each entris is chosen as 5 seconds before the beginTime of the run. This will allow some time buffer to ensure the correct table for the run will be picked up by using the beginTime of the run. The beginTime of the run is obtained from online run log database "RunLog.runDescriptor". The runs are selected by get_file_list.pl with tpx=1,emc=1,eemc=1,sanity=1 for pp200_production_2012 and pp500_production_2012 trigger configuration. The attached files contain the run-number and beginTime filled in for these two tables.

Since it's my first time to upload tables to the STAR offline database, I used several entries for test purposes and those entries have no real meannings. I request to DELETE those BAD entries as the following.


DataID                         entryTime   nodeId   elementID                        beginTime                           endTime   flavor   schemaID 
       28     2016-03-15 22:45:15            6                0     2012-07-30 00:00:01     2037-01-01 00:00:00       ofl                 2
       27     2016-03-15 20:47:50            6                0     2012-07-30 00:00:00     2037-01-01 00:00:00       ofl                 2 


DataID                         entryTime   nodeId   elementID                        beginTime                           endTime   flavor   schemaID
       11     2016-03-16 17:42:55           7                 0     2012-07-30 00:00:02     2037-01-01 00:00:00        ofl                2

The following entries listed below are GOOD entries:
Calibrations/trg/triggerDefinition: DataID from 29 to 1702, (29 to 816, and 1702 for run12 pp500 and 817 to 1701 for run12 pp200)
Calibrations/trg/triggerThreshold: DataID from 12 to 1685, (12 to 799, and 1685 for run12 pp500 and 800 to 1684 for run12 pp200)