Vertex Matching in Run12 pp500 Embedding

In order to test the performance of the PPV with default parameters (nFit/nPoss = 0.7 and dcaR < 3), I produced a small test sample of 200 events in each of four partonic pT bins for three groups of run ordered by ZDC coincidence rate. These 200 events are not trigger filtered events. The ratios that I looked at are
1) GoodNo: no positive vertex found
2) GoodYesMatchNO: positive vertex found but none of them matches with the vertex thrown
3) GoodYesLowMatchYes: positive vertex found but one of lower but positive ranked vertex matches with the vertex thrown
4) GoodYesHighMatchYes: the highest positive ranked vertex matches with the vertex thrown.

The three groups of runs are

0: (~191k)

13080015 157k
13084028 203k
13077067 214k
1: (~265k)

13097029 252k
13095003 264k
13100059 271k
13104019 272k
2: (~307k)

13107017 299k
13093015 308k
13087010 314k

Errors are calculated by assuming binomial distribution for each category, sqrt{r*(1-r)/n} where r = n_i/n and sum(n_i) = n