QA pp2015_long

Quality assurance for dataset production_pp200long2_2015

Attached files:
0. Summary presentation: QALongEvents2015.pdf

1. allRun2015.txt


  • -keys ‘runnumber' -cond 'production=P16id,trgsetupname~production_pp200long2_2015,filetype=daq_reco_MuDst,filename~st_physics_160,emc=1,eemc=1,sanity=1' -limit 0
  • run time > 3 min
  • available polarization info from
  • available spin pattern from

2. badRun2015.txt

List of runs kicked from the allRun2015.txt list with the reason why they were kicked (see plots on slides 4-17).

3. goodRun2015.txt = allRun2015.txt - badRun2015.txt
goodRun2015_jettrees.txt - list adjusted accordingly to the available jet trees  (18 runs removed from goodRun2015.txt to match Nick's list)

Update: The runs which are not present on the Nick's list do not have scaler_bd4 info in hpss - so everything is ok

5. Run list after full Event QA: pp200long2_production_2015_QA.txt

2 additional runs have been removed from the good list run:
16109039 has been removed after the embedding QA. Using the zero bias DAQ files for embedding, we constantly saw a large number of fired events. It was a very small run, and maybe I haven't caught it during the data QA, so I removed it.
16111033 no relative Lumi info for this run.