HOW-TO: create a new Run RunLog browser instance and retire previous RunLog


1. New RunLog browser:

  1. Copy the contents of the "/var/www/html/RunLogRunX" to "/var/www/html/RunLogRunY", where X is the previous Run ID, and Y is the current Run ID
  2. Change symlink "/var/www/html/RunLog" pointing to "/var/www/html/RunLogX" to "/var/www/html/RunLogY"
  3. TBC

2. Retire Previous RunLog browser:

  1. Grep source files and replace all "onldb.starp : 3501/3503" with "dbbak.starp:340X", where X is the id of the backed online database.
  2. TrgFiles.php and ScaFiles.php contain reference "/RunLog/", which should be changed to "/RunLogRunX/", where X is the run ID
  3. TBC

3. Update /admin/navigator.php immediately after /RunLog/ rotation! New run range is required.