HOWTO Store Hits for All Tracks (i.e. showers)

By default, particles which shower in starsim will not be stored individually in hit banks.  Rather, the energy deposits will be associated with the particle which initiated the shower.  THis is done to save space when saving the event.  In general it works well, but it results in some odd behavior for the few low energy particles which splash out of the calorimters and back into another detector.

One can switch to a different behavior using the "mode" command

starsim> mode CALB SIMU 2
starsim> mode ECAL SIMU 2

This enables hits to be saved for all particles in showers in the barrel (CALB) and endcap (ECAL) calorimeters.

Setting the mode back to 1 restores the default behavior.

Using "ALL" for the subsystem will change the mode for all detectors.

NOTE:  Only the top-level subsystem can be switched into this mode.  i.e., you can switch ECAL (endcap calorimeter) but not EHMS (the smd within the ecal).  The subsystem is linked to the module (ecalgeo6.g) not the top level volume (ECAL).

HOWTO Change Track Propagation Mode

AgSTAR propagates tracks through the geometry differently than standard geant 3.  Th gtrack.F (and related) routines have been modified.  This adds additional steps to the tracking.  We can change back to the default using the versions command in starsim, with options as follows... (may need to confirm exact options).

starsim> versions gtrac 0 0 111