STAR FMs review

2009-09-01 09:00
2009-09-02 12:30
from Tuesday, 1 September 2009 to Wednesday, 2 September 2009
Physics 2-160
Conference duration: 2 days


  • The meeting will be held in Bldg 510a (Physics), room 2-160.
  • Phone bridge will be available for remote participants: 631-344-8383

Committee members

P. Jacobs (chair), E. Aschenauer, C. Gagiardi, J. Sowinski,  J. Lauret, B. Christie, and H. Crawford


Initial announcement from the STAR Spokesperson,  starmail 6/25/2009 (includes charges and goals)

From: Nu Xu <>
To: starmail <>
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 11:28:32 -0700

Dear STAR Collaborators,

This message is to announce an upcoming review of the STAR FMS.

The FMS holds an important place in STAR, due to its connection to the  
QCD physics at forward rapidity and possibly to the future EIC  
project. Thanks to the hard work of the FMS group and especially Les  
Bland, the construction of the FMS has been completed and
the detector has progressed towards normal operation mode. As with  
other detectors in STAR, it is useful to periodically review its  
status and prospects for the future, and we believe that now is an  
opportune time to do so.

The review committee is chaired by P. Jacobs, joined by the rest of  
the members of the committee: E. Aschenauer, C. Gagiardi, J. Sowinski,  
J. Lauret, B. Christie, and H. Crawford. The charges to the committee  
are attached below. I expect we will have a review at BNL by the end  
of the summer, the exact time for which will be determined by the  
committee. The review date will be announced when it becomes available.

Please let me know if you have questions/suggestions regarding the  

Best regards,

Nu Xu

  Nu Xu

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Charges to the review committee:

"The STAR Forward Meson Spectrometer (FMS) project has now completed  
construction and has gained significant experience running the  
detector. To aid in full integration of the FMS into the STAR  
experiment, the Review Committee is charged by the STAR Spokesperson  
to carry out a comprehensive review of the FMS subsystem, including  
the following:
- hardware status, performance, and upgrade requirements
- online calibration
- integration into STAR DAQ, Trigger, Slow Controls, and Online  
- offline software status and integration into STAR Offline systems
- subsystem management and organization
The committee will submit a written report to the STAR Spokesperson."