STAR Upgrade Workshop

America/New York
from Monday, 11 June 2012 to Tuesday, 12 June 2012
BNL (Building 515 ITD seminar room, connect to Physics building)
Conference duration: 2 days

Discuss progresses in physics opportunities, detector R&D and simulations for pp,pA
and eSTAR in the years of ~2016--2025.

Review the checklist and tasks outlined in last UpgradeWorkshop at UCLA:

Day one:


      physics for pp/pA


      Forward Tracking/PID


     Inner TPC Upgrade

    Decadal Plan Discussions/Progresses I

Day two:


      Physics case for eSTAR

      IR/pA Detector Design compatibility

      Electron Identification

      Forward Tagging


     Decadal Plan Discussion II

     Simulation Framework and tasks


Title: STAR June Upgrade Workshop
Description: STAR Upgrade Workshop at BNL in June 11-12
Community: STAR

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ID: 540 9028