pxlBadRowColumns DB request


 This table is to be stored in calibration db domain, expected to change several times per day. The maximum changing rate is once per run. The bad row or column and its status is represented by one number: 100*(1000000*isCol+1000*(40*(sec-1)+10*(lad-1)+sen)+rowOrCol)+stat.  Size: 40000.

/* pxlBadRowColumns.idl                                                                                                                         


 * Table: pxlBadRowColumns                                                                                                                      


 * description: bad (empty or hot) rows and columns                                                                                             



struct pxlBadRowColumns {

  unsigned long badRowColumns[10000];  /* 100*(1000000*isCol+1000*(40*(sec-1)+10*(lad-1)+sen)+rowOrCol)+stat */



The idl files can be found at RCF


Currently I will be the person who need to insert the data, login: qiuh