How do you like the Drupal content management system?

We regularly evaluate your liking of Drupal content management system as the system evolves and features are added/removed. Please note that by "Drupal", we mean the following the core Content Management System framework and all of its module including

  • Web access and navigation, page editing and building capabilities
  • Meeting and conference agendas (they are related, conference is a set of meetings)
  • blog services
  • polling service
  • STAR Thesis interface
  • STAR publication interface
  • STAR presentation interface
  • STAR notes
  • Simulation request interface

This poll IS NOT about

  • content quality (since the content is collaborative, it deserves a separate question by itself)
  • Theme and menu layout - this should not influence your vote (as they can be changed via "themes"). 
  • Having or not having certain privileges - you may not be able to perform some actions but others in STAR/Drypal do. This was decided based on requirements (see for example the FAQ I cannot delete a page, why? ).
  • Also, avoid considering annoyance other tools do not provide -  for example, not everyone can manipulate agendas in Indico either, ... do not expect of Drupal what other system do not provide.
  • ...

You may be polled later on each of those individual functionalities and services.  Remember your choice of answers applies to the bundle of all services. In other words, we hope for candid answers. Do not hesitate to alter your choice if you change your mind on the way as this poll will be set so you can cancel your vote (and vote for another choice later).