collaboration meeting in Summer/Fall of 2016

 help council choose a week for the next collaboration meeting. 
What needs to be taken into account are: 
DIS (Sep 25-30), Hard Probes (Sept. 22--27) 2016 and QM2017 abstracts (October 1) 
council chair election (term 11/2014 -- 11/2016) 
Spokesperson election (term 02/2014 -- 04/2017) 
we would also try to arrange an analysis or topical meeting inbetween 
depending on the month of the collaboration meeting. 
A few at the council meeting has expressed interest in hosting the collaboration 
meeting, but the decision will depend on the availability of the campus facility. 
UC Davis, Purdue, OSU, WSU, BNL 

choose up to two choices!