Run 13 DiJet A_LL


 The first step in completing the dijet A_LL for run 13 is to recreate a previous year's result.  By doing so, it assures that all the major parts of the analysis can be done correctly.  The following documents recap how this was done.  For comparison the run 9 dijet A_LL was reproduced.

A derivation of the asymmetires definitions is attached as Asymmetries.pdf

The writeup of what was done, the logic, and code locations is attached as Run9asymmManual.doc
In the write it makes reference to spreadsheets that are attached below.  Please be aware the spreadsheets have multiple sheets in order to better organize the data.

CompareRun9byRun.xls - compares 10 runs of dijet trees produced by me to the trees Brian used for his results.   
Comparison_v3.xls - compares my results to the results found in Brian's thesis.

A presentation summarizing everything as well as containing all the plots is attached as AsymmCompare.pdf.  The main point is that the plots produced by my analysis code, using the same trees as Brian, give the same results.  The A_LL values are the same (see Compaison_v3.xls), and all plots follow the same trends.


After the data has been produced it's important to QA the data before producing jet trees.  This is important becuase it can be computationally expensive to produce jet trees, so removing bad runs beforehand is advantageous.  

MuDST.pdf: A short write up summarizing what/how things were done, and gives code locations

Link to my blog, to where my QA presentations for period 1.