CSN0474 : The STAR Computing Resource Plan, 2009

Author(s):Jérôme Lauret, Tim Hallman
Date:Jan. 14, 2009
File(s): STAR_Computing_Plan_Jan_22_2009.pdf

The present resource planning supersedes the previous resource planing from the NSAC 2004 exercise leading ot the 2005 mid-term plan (white paper also known as the RHIC Mid-Term Plan released to the agency on 2006/02/16 and covering for the period 2006-2011 period of RHIC science).

The current plan covers for the period 2009-2015 based on a run scenario guidance provided by the Associate Laboratory Director Steven Vigdor and the funding guidance provided by the BNL mid-term plan in its 2008/02 revision.

Keywords:BNL, RACF, RHIC, PDSF, KISTI, NPI, ASCR, WSU, Grid, multi-core, commodity, CPU, Xrootd, virtual, storage, OSG, facility, Tier