SN0379 : Study of New Scaling of Direct Photon Production in pp Collisions at High Energies Using MC Simulation

Author(s):M.V. Tokarev, E.V. Potrebenikova
Date:Nov. 12, 1998
Abstract:The new scaling, z-scaling, of prompt photon production in pp collisions at high energies is studied. The scaling function H(z) is expressed via the inclusive cross section of photon production and the multiplicity density of charged particles. Monte Carlo (MC) simulation based on the PYTHIA code is used to calculate the cross section and to study the scaling. The MC technique used to construct the scaling function is described. The H(z) dependence on the scaling variable z, the center-of-mass energy at a central rapidity range is investigated. The predictions of the cross section dependence on photon transverse momentum in high pT range at RHIC and LHC energies ( sqrt(s) =0.5, 5.0 and 14.0 TeV ) are made. The obtained results are compared with the experimental data and can be of interest for future experiments at RHIC (BNL), LHC (CERN), HERA (DESY) and Tevatron (Batavia).