SN0383 : Phi-Meson Reconstruction in the STAR TPC

Author(s):F. Wang, R. Bossingham, Q. Li, I. Sakrejda, and N. Xu
Date:Dec. 10, 1998
Abstract:The measurement of phi-meson production in heavy ion collisions is interesting, not only because the phi contains hidden strangeness, but also because it could be a probe to the restoration of chiral symmetry in matter produced in heavy ion collisions. We investigate the feasibility of reconstructing the phi through its K+K- decay channel in the STAR TPC. Using the TPC fast simulator and the track reconstruction program, we demonstrate that the phi can be reconstructed from charged kaons identified by dE/dx in the TPC. Total 683 central Au+Au events at RHIC energy generated by RQMD are used. Of 5.8 phi's per event that decay into charged kaons (B.R.=49.1%) within rapidity -1.5<1.5 and momentum p<1 GeV/c, 1.3 phi's are reconstructed from K+K- pairs. The signal-to-noise ratio at the phi peak in the K+K- invariant-mass spectrum is 1/12. The phi mass resolution due to kaon momentum resolution is 2.7 MeV.