SN0388 : Anisotropic Flow at STAR

Author(s):R.J.M. Snellings, A.M. Poskanzer, and S.A. Voloshin
Date:Mar. 5, 1999
Abstract:We first review previous work on anisotropic flow at the AGS and SPS. Then the physics related to flow is discussed as well as the interaction of flow with other non-flow measurements. From 40k RQMD and 100k HIJING events predictions for anisotropic flow at RHIC are presented. Using the STAR detector acceptance, estimates for the resolution obtainable with STAR are shown. We conclude that it should be possible to obtain good measurements for elliptic flow with either the STAR main TPC or forward TPCs. Anisotropic flow should be easily one of the first results from STAR.
Keywords:directed flow azimuthal distributions event plane resolution